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Privacy Policy

I’m not interested in collecting your personal information. Some imprecise, high-level statistics about visitors in general is useful, however, to help me improve the site and gauge its popuarity.

Like millions of websites around the globe, jzt.xyz uses Google Analytics to gather general statistical information about visitor traffic. This means I will receive some information about my visitors, including you.

What data is collected?

Why do I collect this data?

The Google Analytics reports lets me know how many people are visiting, how they got here, and what pages on this site they’re looking at. Information about the web browser and computers of visitors is also included to help me determine what kinds of new features I can support in upcoming versions of the game and website. No personally identifiable information is included in these reports, and I can’t trace any visitor activity back to you.

Want to opt-out?

You can opt out of Google Analytics tracking through the use of Google’s Browser Add-ons, which supports all major web browsers.


JZT is an homage to ZZT, a groundbreaking game platform created 1991 by Tim Sweeney of Epic MegaGames, Inc.