A Nostalgic Adventure Game


About JZT

JZT is an homage to ZZT, a DOS-era adventure game created in 1991 by Tim Sweeney of Epic Megagames. Like its inspiration, JZT is also a game creation platform that will allow anyone to create and share JZT game worlds. The JZT game world editor will be available shortly.

About Mark

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My name is Mark, and I’m a software engineer living in Montréal, Canada. I started working on JZT in February, 2013 as a way to get some hands-on experience with some of the great new web technologies. That this experiment turned into a releaseable game was a nice surprise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What browsers does JZT support?
JZT should run on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. However, sound will not play in Internet Explorer or iOS Safari, and Safari for the desktop doesn’t allow you to press certain keyboard keys while playing in full screen mode.
When will the game world editor be ready?
If you define ready as being capable of creating game worlds, then it’s ready now. But it’s not particularly user-friendly at the moment, and it’s important that the game engine be thoroughly tested and debugged before opening it up to more worlds, so it’s not yet available online.
Why does/doesn’t JZT have some esoteric feature that ZZT did/didn’t?
My goal wasn’t to recreate ZZT faithfully, since DOS emulators already fill that need. My goal with this project was to try out new web technologies, so I didn’t add things that I didn’t find interesting, and I added things that I thought would be fun to try.
Est-ce qu’il y aura une version française de JZT ?
Oui, absolument ! C’est pour moi une priorité importante. Le moteur de jeu prend déjà en charge plusieurs langues, mais pour le moment je n’ai pas assez de temps pour traduire « The Village of JZT » et ce site en français. Ça va arriver très bientôt.