A Nostalgic Adventure Game


Announcing JZT 1.0

Sep 24, 2014

Announcing the very first release of JZT, a nostalgic, DOS-era adventure game for the web! It’s a project that I’ve been tinkering with on-and-off for about 19 months, so I’m pleased that it has finally reached its MVP state and is now available online for anyone to check out.

JZT is an homage to ZZT, a game and creative toolkit created by Tim Sweeney back in 1991. ZZT and its built-in scripting language ZZT-OOP was a notable influence for me. When I decided to tinker with some of the interesting web technologies available these days, I thought this would be a fun project to try out.

There’ll be more news to come as development on the game world editor and the other games continues, but for now check out The Village of JZT, the first of (hopefully) many JZT worlds to come.

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