A Nostalgic Adventure Game


On JZT's New Tricks

Oct 25, 2014

Part of the fun of working on a project like JZT is paying homage to a classic, but also getting to make it your own in some ways. If there are parts of the original that I never found particularly interesting (such as “sharks” and “slimes”), I simply didn’t need to add it. Likewise, if I had some fun ideas to try (such as enemies that can dodge bullets, and walk around obstacles to attack the player), I had free reign to add those too.

Here’s just a few of the fun additions in JZT that game world creators might like (I’m saving a few other surprises for later):

I’m looking forward to releasing the editor, since there’s a lot more to talk about, but you can check out some of these cool new features now by playing The Village of JZT. And let me know what you think on the JZT Community Page!

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